Thursday, August 12, 2004

we met an interesting man last night. he's a philipino but has multiple citizenships. you can tell that he's a well-educated man and comes from a wealthy family. but i can't tell how rick he is. he lost his yongest son not long ago, in june 2004. he's very proud of his children, especially his sons. his oldest son is into cars. when he was about 9 to 10 years old, he could assemble a toy car easily within 4 hours. he did engineering in university and he's planning to work for telstra. his second son likes mathematics. he did actuarial in uni. i can't remember much about his youngest son except that he was a genius. all his kids are smart. he adores all of them (especially his sons). when we were about to leave the food court, he told us to love and care our children. that they are magnificent thing, that you should let them do what they want (instead of restricting them) and treasure the moment that you have with them.

i guess he misses his youngest son a lot.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

shout box

just added a shout box. hehe the main reason that i add the chat box is because i tried to put the comment link back to the blog but i can't. hehe, so to make it up, i put a shout box instead. so what do you think? good?
i really like this shout box. the design is quite good and they have variety of theme colour. so you can personalise it.
if you are interested, you can go to

i'm back

hehe i've been gone for around 4 months.
just didn't feel like posting stuff here. i guess what people say is right, when you have blog and you know that someone (even if it's just one person) is reading your entry, you feel like you are forced to update your blog.
i've mentioned in my previous entry that i've got a job right? i'm still working for the same company. it's been over 5 months now. things are going pretty well. there are small humps on the road but it's still manageable. sometimes one of my colleagues can be very bossy then i'll get irritated. things like that. but overall, i think i have a good job. i'm planning to stay for 2 years. after that, i'll probably jump to a private company.

i've just renewed my IEAust membership. do you think it's worth it?

Monday, March 08, 2004

daily life

went to work as normal... actually my routine is the same. wake up, go to work, come back, have dinner, sit in front of the computer, then go to sleep. nothing exciting. but i'm happy with my average life ^^
i've changed the catering from daily to 3 times a week. that means i can save $18/week.
i'm already sleepy now. yawn.
there are many things that i have to do but i can't remember any now.

Sunday, March 07, 2004

daily life

went to thai kee to get the ingredients for xmascarol's cake and my bread. it was raining the whole day. i had to carry 3 grocery plastic bags, my handbag and one umbrella. it was very heavy. then i baked the cake and the bread for a few hours (probably 2-3 hours). i had 'supper' at around 5 and then i went to her place to pass the cake. the cake is nice but it's too sweet. i've followed the instructions. the cake is probably meant to be sweet. but in my opinion (and xmascarol and her mom), the cake is too sweet.. much too sweet. and then i had dinner with ldeng and vtguy and their friends. i had a good time today.

yawn. i'm sleepy now. luckily i don't have to wake up early in the morning tomorrow.

i'm planning to learn how to use myob. but i think it's better if i learn primavera first (at least for now) since that's the job that i'm doing now. i want to learn vb as well. i think i'll learn primavera when i'm in the office and learn vb when i'm at home (cos i don't have the primavera software in my computer). btw, have i mentioned that i got a job? it's a temp job but there's a possibilty to go permanent. i just hope my pr application goes smoothly.

i met this guy, indo guy, but he can't really speak indo. i think he's kinda cute. i got excited when i was talking to him and when i was around him. but i don't think he's interested in me. he seems to be a very outgoing person. i was talking to ldeng about him. i told her that he's a bit gayish. it's probably because he moves his hands a lot when he talks. after we gossiped about him, he was saying that he got his leather pants and a whip in his car boots. we (ldeng and i) burst out laughing. we know that he was referring to the mardi gras parade but it was such a good timing for him to say that. it was really funny. if we get to spend time together, i think i can fall for him. but right now, i hope i don't fall for anyone. it's not a right time for me to fall for anyone.

i used to think that i'd marry one of my ex. but that's just a feeling that i had, not a premonition.

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

hehe. was going to post something here. but since my friend is here, i think i'll write it some other day.

haven't posted in a few days (?)

i have few friends coming over. tom came on 20 feb 2004 (last friday?) then his cousin came over last night 24 feb 2004 (monday). so in total there are 3 people in my place. i'm not sure how long their stay will be in my place. when tom came over, i still did some cleaning, like mopping the bathroom floor, cleaning the sink, etc etc. but i can't be bothered to do all that now. i think the cousin is messier and dirtier than him. even though she just stayed over for one night, there were some toothpaste on the sink. deduction: she used too much paste and some of the paste dropped on to the sink. i cleaned it because i find it disgusting. i have this dilemma, should i change the shampoo that i have in my bathroom? the one that i'm using now is fructis and it's kinda expensive and i like that shampoo. i think i'm going to change it to the cheaper one that i don't really like to use.

i'm worried about my visa. i worry a lot. i used to try to not to worry so much, by pretending to be more cheerful. but i don't think it works. you can't pretend for a long period. i have a better remedy: since i'm worried about something that i'm not sure of, i try to understand the whole matter. and this works.

anyway, brb, i gotta change my shampoo.

Friday, February 20, 2004

daily things

i missed out on an interivew yesterday. i decided not to go because i got cold feet. i postponed the interview. the agent agreed to postpone it till monday. but last night when i checked my mail, i received an email from him saying that the position is closed. i was so angry at myself for chicken-ing out at the last minute. there's no full guarantee that i'd get the job but at least i'd showed up.
today i received another phone call for a data entry position. he said he'll give me a call either today or on monday. i waited until 4 in the afternoon, and then decided to call him. he told me that if the company has contacted him, he'll ring me. that means, i'll just have to wait until this coming monday to see if i'm accepted. it's only a temporary data entry job but at least i have things to do. i'm hoping that it's an electrical related company so that i also gain some experience in electrical engineering as well.
i'll be applying for jobs again tonight. i want a good job.
my friend is coming today from singapore. he'll be staying in my place, but *hush*, don't tell this to anyone. no one, except my sister, knows about this.

one of my best friend is going back to singapore today. i'm feeling kinda sad because i'm not sure when i'll be able to see her anymore (other than on graduation day).

my sister told me that my parents have booked flights on may for my graduation day. and my eldest sis and my niece are coming along as well. i'm relieved. i don't think i can entertain my parents, especially my father.

ok, better continue applying for jobs.

Monday, February 16, 2004

what did i do today?

called dimia and student centre today. my transcript has been updated. so i went to uni to get it but turned out the transcript still doesn't say that i've graduated. so i went to my faculty, asking when they'll inform the student centre, then the staffs rudely told me that i was late in submitting and that's the consequence for being late. hello!!! it's not my fault if no company accepted me when i was looking for a work experience position last year. so i went to student centre (again!!) to print out the current transcript because i need it for the skill assessment. i think i'll just print another one (the updated one - the one that says i've graduated) if they ask for it. and since i'll be sending the completion letter, i hope that won't be a problem. ok, back to the story. when i went there, there was a problem with the system. so i became their guinea pig - to check if they can successfully print out the transcript. they did manage to print it out and they gave it to me for free since i've 'voluntarily' become their guinea pig. conclusion, today wasn't such a bad day after all. then we went to medibank to settle for my medical cover, turned out i have to pay 900++ dollars for half-yearly coverage. i was shocked. 900++ bucks!!! since i didn't have enough fund in my account, i postponed it until wednesday. hopefully by wednesday, i already get the fund. and then went to dopey's place before going to celica's place to get my sd memory card.
that's what i did today ^_^
i have to wake up early tomorrow for the medical check up. hopefully i can get the receipt or some kind of letter that says the date of my medical check up.


i've just noticed that i made many typos and wrong use of words. have to improve my english.

To Diego (if you read this blog), thanks for saying that you like my entries. It sort of motivates me to write my blog ^_^ I used to get worried that people will write negative things on my blog. But that's life, right? Some ppl will think that you are good but some people will think that you are not that good. BTW, I put u on my link list so that I won't lose your address ^^ I don't want to put too much urls on my bookmark, it can get really messy.

There's something that I wanna write but I'm worried that I'll jinx it. I don't really believe it but I hope that it will come true.

Mmm... I wonder what I've written on my blog.

Just saw that someone left a comment. Yes I am getting lazy. There's nothing much happening with my life except that my bestfriend is going back to Singapore, I've finished doing my work experience in Schneider, meeting my bestfriend's wife's mother, passed some vitamins to an old friend so he can pass them to my sis, baked a bday cake, getting really stressed with my pr application and the medical check up.
I'm gonna miss my friend, she'll be leaving this friday.
I saw this blog, I think she's a secondary schooler cos she looks really young. I wonder how she can get beer in Singapore/Malaysia. I thought they banned such things from youngsters. This world is getting worse and worse everyday.

I've just finished my work experience. I should've stopped working last week. If I did, I could've had the medical check up and not to postpone it to even later date. I'll have to call DIMIA tomorrow and ask some questions. Hopefully the people are nice. Then go to uni. Then to medibank. Then if possible to HSA to postpone my check up and to get somekind of statement to say that I've postponed it. Then need to do more photocopying and certifications.
I'm so tense and tired.

I'm having my period now. I get irritated easily. Just now, this guy was complaining about my nick, saying that the word "curses curses" are rude. My God, dude!!!! It's only the word "curses", not the word "fuck".